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The Origins of ‘The Concept A.I.bum

Award-winning music producer Boi-1da on using technology to help artists find their voice


UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN living on another planet, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of talk about artificial intelligence. Is AI a passing trend or will it change the way we live? We’re about to find out. Among musicians and producers, the debate over AI has been quite the hot topic. Some fear that AI-generated music could put artists and songwriters out of work, and lead to a decline of quality and innovation.

That being said, I feel that if we can get in front of AI technologies and use them responsibly, we can support the future of music while maintaining its integrity. I think that one of the best and most obvious ways we can accomplish that is by harnessing the power of AI to create new ways for established players to work with rising talents and share their skills.

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