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Fashion’s New ‘It Kid’ Doni Nahmias Just Wants to Pay It Forward

The buzzy menswear designer has teamed up with Bacardi on a new campaign (and capsule) to champion underrepresented voices in the music industry

They say secrets travel fast in Paris but when something is too good to keep to yourself, can you blame them? Take the recent fashion show from Cali-based menswear designer Doni Nahmias, for example, which had that coveted “if you know, you know” vibe, with guests fawning over his elevated surf and skate-inspired collection that sent leggy male models down the runway in everything from tousled knit sweaters, to silk shirts adorned with hand-painted images of Santa Barbara’s Butterfly Beach.

Nahmias called it “California grunge,” and it was the epitome of edgy, effortless cool.

In addition to connecting fashion fans with new artists, Bacardi says 100% of net profits from the sale of the pieces will directly benefit the roster of rising talent. Boi-1da will also work alongside each of the artists to co-produce brand new tracks that will be discoverable on Spotify come mid-July.

“I’ve been looking forward to this next iteration of Music Liberates Music and how we can bring more attention to rising artists that are the future of music in an unexpected way,” says the producer, who previously worked with Nahmias to soundtrack his fall/winter show in January. “This next class of Music Liberates Music artists have raw talent and passion, which I’ve seen first-hand in helping them to produce new tracks exclusive to the Nahnias drop. As someone who has been in the business of music-making for a long time, I’m excited for them to not only grow as artists, but to get the exposure they deserve.”

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